Job Code: 21

Program Assistant for Bowsher Grant

Category: 21st Century Program
Location: Bowsher High School - 21st Century

Job Type: Part-Time


The employee is scheduled to work after school hours at their designated school. Employee must be able to work between the hours of 2:30 and 5:30 pm Monday through Thursday from October to June. The position includes developing weekly lesson plans, supervision of youth, interacting and leading youth in their activities, recognizing the needs of the youth and reaching out to the community to fulfill these needs. The Site Assistant may not work more than 15 hours a week, 12 of which are designated for the afterschool program, 2:45-5:30 Monday-Thursday. The remaining hour will be used for planning, researching, maintaining records, meal service, college tours, field trips, and meetings.



  • Employee must be 18 and a high school graduate or equivalent. 
  • College training or experience in recreation, youth work or education.  Employee must exhibit enthusiasm, creativity and desire to work with youth.
  • 6 months of experience working with Middle School/High School age
  • First Aid/CPR Trained
  • Complete Required Trainings
  • Strong/proven leadership, management, and teaching skills
  • The ability to work and think independently and follow directions.
  • The energy, organizational ability and desire to be responsible for the program, safety and welfare of students, volunteers and staff at involved to the extent of employee’s certification and training.
  • Must show evidence of the following personal characteristics: a willing attitude, positive outlook, concern for students & staff safety, good interpersonal skills, decision making skills, maturity, integrity, creativity, adaptability, flexibility, high energy, proactivity and approachability
  • Will need to pass BCI/FBI Background Check

 Duties & Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the safety of a group of youth
  • Develop and implement weekly lesson plans for the youth
  • Speak in a positive and courteous manner with the youth, staff and parents
  • Attend to individual needs of the youth
  • Encourage youth to make good choices
  • Wear name tags and follow TPS and YMCA/JCC dress code
  • Follow TPS and YMCA/JCC policies and procedures
  • Greet parents each time you see them
  • Be a positive role model and set the proper example for the youth
  • Promote the values of honesty, caring, responsibility and respect
  • Keep facility neat and clean
  • Be available to work when school is closed or not in session
  • Attend meetings and trainings as assigned
  • Work as a team member with the other staff
  • Good communication with supervisor and other staff
  • Keep track of updates and paperwork in compliance with 21CCLC Grant
  • All duties deemed necessary in the absence of the site director
  • Operate a program that is safe and enriching for youth
  • Develop positive relationships with youth
  • Meet or exceed job expectations
  • Facilitate a productive, safe, friendly and encouraging environment for students and volunteers.
  • Plan, develop and implement programming daily
  • Be present entire program time, After School to End of Program (2:45 pm- 5:30pm)
  • Support program personnel as needed
  • Assist in serving and cleaning up meals each day
  • Support in helping students create a portfolio that documents resources and goals in a timely manner
  • Meet performance requirements as deemed by OED under 21 CCLC Grant

Please apply by December 5, 2016.


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