Child Care Financial Assistance

The YMCA of Lenawee County is dedicated to providing affordable programs and services to benefit people of all incomes and backgrounds.

Through generous contributions made to our Strong Kids Campaign, the Y is able to provide financial assistance to those in need. 

Families who need financial assistance must apply for DHS. You must first be denied from DHS to apply for the YMCA scholarship. 

Please understand that it will take up to 45 days to process your paperwork in order for the child care provider to receive payment. We are willing to work with you while you wait. We will require you to fill out the YMCA scholarship paperwork. You may be granted up to 50% off for the 45 days that DHS is not covering. After the 45 days, if DHS has not confirmed payment, you may continue to receive the YMCA scholarship but it will go to 30% off. 

Families receiving assistance from DHS are required to pay the co-pay amount based on the percentage that DHS will not cover. For example, DHS pays a percentage of $2.50. You still may be responsible for part of your childcare tuition. If they pay 100%, it's 100% of the hours your child is in attendance at $2.50 per hour. If your normal childcare costs are $80 a week and your child attends for 20 hours a week, DHS will pay $50 ($2.50 x 20). You would be responsible for the difference which would be $30 ($80-$50). 

To apply for DHS, click here.  
If denied from DHS and need a scholarship, click here.


If you are living in a shelter and need childcare, please apply for DHS. While your paperwork is processing, the YMCA will give you 2 weeks free.