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Fitness videos. Simply click on the type/name of the one you're interested to start watching.   

Type/Name Description Source Equipment Needed
Rise and Shine A quick warm-up and stretch to help you loosen up so you can start your day with a smile. YMCA 360 Chair
Weights Great workout for Active Older Adults utilizing both a chair and weights. YMCA 360 Chair, weights
Resistance Tube Great workout for Active Older Adults utilizing both a chair and resistance tubes. YMCA 360 Chair, resistance tubes
Recess Games Imagine your old favorite games as you work on your range of movement, strength, and balance. YMCA 360   
Chair Yoga A full yoga class in a seated position for added stability and support.   YMCA 360 Chair
Core and Balance Working Core and Balance with the added support and stability of a chair.  YMCA 360 Chair
7-Minute Yoga Workout  This follow-along yoga workout for older adults builds strength, improves flexibility, and boosts balance.  SilverSneakers  
SilverSneakers Yoga A low intensity workout that focuses on building balance and stretching.  YMCA of Greater Toledo 2 Chairs
Combination Exercises Join Matt and Crystal in some fun and simple combination exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home. YMCA of Greater Toledo   Hand-held weights
Alphabet Workout  Your workout is in your hands-Use the letters in your name to determine your workout! Start the week out right with this easy and fun workout. YMCA of Greater Toledo   
6 Key Muscle Groups 5 exercises for 8 reps each using body weight to strengthen and tone. YMCA of Greater Toledo   
Beginner Interval Training 30 seconds of strength followed by 30 seconds of cardio.  YMCA of Greater Toledo  
SilverSneakers Classic Strength based workout using a chair for stability. Pillow is recommended. YMCA of Greater Toledo  Chair, Pillow 
Chair Yoga - All Standing A standing yoga class that uses the chair for stability and support. YMCA 360 Chair
Time for a Road Trip Join us for a "trip" as we use this theme to get a full body workout. YMCA 360 Chair
Strength Training A strength workout with the added support and stability of a chair. YMCA 360 Chair, dumbbells
Fall Prevention It is estimated that one in four older adults falls each year. These exercises can help reduce your risk. YMCA 360 Chair
Resistance Tube Workout Great workout for Active Older Adults using a chair and resistance tube. YMCA 360 Resistance Tubes, Chair
Chair Yoga with Amy A full yoga class that uses the chair for stability and support. YMCA 360 Chair

Tai Chi Workouts
Name Description Source
Warm Up Instruction on proper warm up for Tai Chi. YMCA 360
Crane Walk 1 Practice the beginning skills of the Crane Walk. YMCA 360
Crane Walk 2 Develop your coordination, balance and calmness as you practice with Crane Walk 2. YMCA 360
Practice 1 Using our warm up and crane walk skills to develop your first practice. YMCA 360
Practice 2 Part two continues our series in a loop. This will help you repeat and master the skills. YMCA 360
Chair Warm Up Follow along with these warm up exercises to center, calm and prepare your body for our Tai Chi classes. YMCA 360
Fusion Using skills from our warm up, move through a Tai Chi sequence. YMCA 360


Educational Broadcasts

Check out these virtual Town Hall broadcasts that have helpful resources, especially for Active Older Adults. Simply click on the links to listen in.

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