MOSSA Move at the YMCA

The ability to stream workouts from home is a perfect solution for members to achieve their goals with their favorite Y programming in the comfort of home.

The YMCA has partnered with MOSSA to provide you with 9 types of great workouts.

MOSSA, over the next 14 days, will be providing you with a FREE 14-day trial of their digital on-demand program MOSSA MOVE. 

I'm ready to start my trial!

The MOSSA team designs each workout with options so you can choose the intensity and challenge that are just right for you. Work out from the comfort of your own home – on your TV, on your computer, or download the app and take your workouts wherever you go.

To start your free 14-day trial click HERE to enter your information. We know you’ll love the program. Should you want to utilize it beyond the trial period, it's only $7.99 a month.