Reservation System

Use this form below to reserve your spot in one of our YMCA group exercise classes and/or KidZones.

This form must be used each time you visit. Feel free to bookmark this page to make it easier to find.  

If you are trying to reserve a spot for a special event, please use this form instead. 

Fitness Class Reservations


  • You can register the day before a class, up to 24 hours. (Example: You can register on Sunday for a Monday class).
  • Will close 1 hour in advance of the class, you can register in the final hour by calling the branch.


  • System will allow a cancelation up to 1 hour before the class starts. After that, you can call and cancel if you can't make it anymore.

KidZone Reservations:

  • Reservations open 24 hours in advance. (Example: You can register on Sunday, for Monday times.)
  • You must reserve a spot for each child. 
    • Enter the contact information that you gave the YMCA for the child, not the parent/guardian information.
  • No baby bottles, snacks or drinks for the child(ren) will be accepted at this time. 
  • You can reserve your spot or cancel up to one hour before the time.
    • Within the last hour, you can call the front desk.
  • Reservation times are shorter than before.
  • If the system is having issues, please call your local branch to reserve your child's spot.

Branches with 1 KidZone area:

  • Anthony Wayne
  • Eastern Community
  • Francis Family
  • Frank and Shirley Dick Family
  • Sylvania YMCA/JCC
  • Wolf Creek

Branches with 2 KidZone areas. 

Fort Meigs:

  • KidZone: 6 months - 5 years
  • Youth Center: 6 - 10 years

West Toledo:

  • KidZone: 6 weeks - 5 years
  • Adventure Center: 6 years - 10 years