Ann Friedholm

“The YMCA Storer Camps gave me the opportunity to have a life that was more authentic to who I was. Camp was a place where I was free to be me.”

Every year at YMCA Storer Camps, campers gain self-esteem and confidence by challenging themselves with a wide variety of enriching activities and experiences including sailing, horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing, team sports, and more.

Ann Friedholm grew up with YMCA Storer Camps, first attending camp in 1981 and returning year after year. Ann looks back on her experience with more than just fondness—to her, YMCA Storer Camps was where she grew into the person she was meant to be.

“The impact of summer camp is two-fold. There’s the emotional experience; Storer is a safe place where kids can be who they truly are without the daily pressures of who people want them to be.” She continued, “And there is the environmental, physical aspect of camp; the memories that weren’t a part of regular life that showed me what I could accomplish.” At Storer, Ann learned to sail, canoe, and kayak.

Naturally, Ann wants the same enriching experience for her own children. It wasn’t a hard sell for her kids to attend camp; all it took was a one-time visit to YMCA Storer Camps for a summer preview day.

In addition to sending her children to summer camp, Ann takes advantage of the opportunities offered at the Y throughout the year.

“Youth development is the key—and safety. I drop my kids off for lessons or classes. The Y is a place that I trust to help develop my children and teach them important skills for life.”