Cheryl Tyler-Folsom

A Toledo native, Cheryl Tyler-Folsom has been a true friend of the Y; she is an active volunteer, Trustee, and was recently named Trustee for Life. In 1990, she joined the Wayman Palmer board and was instrumental in the Capital Campaign to expand the branch. Cheryl recognizes the importance of the Y in the Toledo community, and the unique opportunity to positively influence the kids who go through the child care program.

One of Cheryl’s favorite events is the Wayman Palmer Christmas program. She notes how much of an impact the Vena Trust shopping spree and meeting with Santa has on the children of the community every Christmas.

“These kids, a majority of them didn’t ask for toys for themselves; they’d ask for presents for their mothers or siblings.” She said. “Some children would simply ask for their father to come home from jail.” Without the generous support of our donors, events like these just simply wouldn’t be possible.

“We need people to be aware that money does run out.” She said. “The Wayman Palmer need is great, and we need to continue to grow the program.”  Cheryl keeps active at the Y throughout the year as a volunteer and serves on the marketing and the global centers of excellence committees, further evidence of her commitment to the Y and our mission. She also enjoys working out at the Wayman Palmer or Summit facilities in her spare time.

“I really enjoy being involved at Wayman Palmer Y,” she said. “I like to keep up with what’s going on in my community.”