Dori Boggs' Granddaughter

The Y helped Dori Boggs’ granddaughter achieve her goal and set new ones.

During the summer, Dori would take her grandchildren out on her boat. All of her grandchildren wanted to jump off the boat. However, one grandchild was frustrated, because she had to wear a lifejacket. Dori decided to sign her up for the Fort Meigs YMCA summer swim lessons at the Perrysburg Municipal pool.

When her granddaughter saw the high dive at the pool, she said, “I want to jump off that high dive at the pool.” Dori replied, “But you have to learn to swim first!”

On July 16, Senior Program Director, Wendy Baldwin evaluated Dori’s granddaughter’s swimming skills. Dori watched her granddaughter swim back and forth for the first time. “The look on her face was priceless!” she said.

Dori was so impressed with her granddaughter and so was Wendy. Wendy moved the 6-year-old up from School-Age Level 2 to School-Age Level 4.

A couple days later, during her first level 4 class with Y instructor Henry; she jumped off the high dive twice. Then she told her grandmother, “I want to do a back flip off the high dive.” Dori replied, “But you have to take the diving class and learn how to dive.”

Thanks to our Y staff, Dori’s granddaughter was able to achieve her goal and to set a new one.

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