Julia's Story

“The Y is a place where you can achieve your goals and dreams, make amazing friends, and feel good about yourself,” said Julia Lee, sophomore at Perrysburg High School and longtime Y member.

Julia started swimming at the Y with her family when she was a year old. At 7, she officially began swim lessons, learning to dive and perfecting her technique throughout the Minnow, Pike, and Eel programs and beyond.

“Swimming at the Y prepared me mentally and physically to compete on my high school swim team,” she said. At the Y, she learned how to respect her coaches, be a part of a team, and through hard work and determination, she was able to make the varsity swim team at Perrysburg High School as a freshman.

Growing up in the Y’s aquatics program has a lasting impact on Julia. “I learned to push myself; I am my own competition.

So maybe you get 12th place, but you dropped 14 seconds, that is still a great achievement!” Julia credits the Y’s aquatics program with not only teaching her the skills necessary to excel in the pool, but also helping her become a better person.

“I learned to believe in myself. It’s not always about what place you get, but what you achieve that day.”