Laurie Tyler

No matter what health obstacles Laurie faced, the Y provided her the motivation and encouragement to keep moving and continue living a healthy lifestyle.

Laurie enjoyed group fitness training classes like Superhero Training with Chad, and Group Power and Strength Train Together at the Sylvania YMCA/JCC before injuring her feet. After finding out that she needed surgery, she was disappointed that she was unable to attend her favorite upbeat group fitness classes.

“I’m not good at being stuck at home not doing anything,” she said. So, instead of just recovering at home, she headed to the Sylvania YMCA/JCC to swim daily laps in the pool.When an even bigger injury, a torn ACL, threatened Laurie’s active lifestyle, the support from her YMCA personal trainer, Russell, went beyond what she expected.

“Russ worked with me to see what my restrictions would be,” she said. “Following the advice of my physical therapist, he encouraged me to keep exercising without overexerting myself.”

When Laurie finally had surgery, her doctor was impressed with how fast she healed, saying that her level of activity before and during her injury helped speed up the healing process. As soon as she was cleared by her doctor to exercise again, she was back at the Y.

“Despite my injuries, I was still able to exercise and support from Russell certainly helped,” said Laurie. “I could have quit; I could have stopped working out and given up, but I didn’t.”

Everyone belongs at the Y, and we want you to join us! Like Laurie, our members find the support and motivation they need to live a healthier lifestyle through access to group fitness classes, personal trainers, and knowledgeable staff.

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