Logan's Story

Kristine Dick says YMCA Summer Child Care provided her son Logan an opportunity to learn, grow and thrive by attending his first Y day camp.    

“It’s difficult to find a place that has the resources to serve children with disabilities and autism,” said Kristine, “but after speaking with the Executive Director at the Wolf Creek YMCA, I discovered the Y is inclusive and knew this could be a place where Logan might thrive.”

Logan first attended YMCA Summer Child Care in 2015. Kristine explained how the first morning of the program was a blessing.

“As I got out of the car, Logan was uncomfortable with the new routine and didn’t want to follow me. As I stood waiting for him, a camp counselor asked if he could help. He immediately developed a rapport with my son and made Logan feel comfortable and accepted. The next thing I knew, Logan grabbed his backpack from the car and was waving goodbye to me.”

Kristine was thrilled that Logan was able to participate in all of the day camp activities such as swimming, fishing, basketball, board games and art projects.

“Safety is a big concern for me, but I wasn’t worried about leaving him at the Y. Because he was able to attend Summer Child Care, my son had a fun summer.”