Nicolasís Story

With the help and support of the Y, his counselor, his friends and family, Nicolas has learned how to be independent and to be confident with himself.  

In the summer of 2015, Christina and Brian Fulton enrolled their children, Nicolas and Brianna, to summer camp at the Wolf Creek YMCA, with the help of the Lucas County Board of Development Disabilities. They were excited for their children to be a part of a summer program that offers education, fun and a chance to make new friends, but Christina and Brian knew it would be a challenge for Nicolas. However, he had a wonderful counselor, Rachard, who not only had a disability, but also became a big part of the Fulton’s lives.

With Rachard’s help, Nicolas became more independent and participated in as many activities as he could. One activity Nicolas loved in particular was swimming; however, it was a challenge. After summer camp was over, he began private swim lessons with Rachard at the Wolf Creek YMCA and grew to become a strong swimmer.

This summer, Nicolas passed his swim test and was proudly given a green swim band and is able to swim independently.

“We are so happy we found a summer program that can help Nicolas not only be independent, but also teach the new campers year after year that if you try your hardest and work at something,  you too can achieve it.”