April is Child Abuse Prevention Month! As part of our commitment to protecting the children in our community, we’re joining youth-serving organizations across the country by participating in the Five Days of Action — a week-long campaign to increase awareness of child sexual abuse and empower and equip us all to prevent it. By taking part in this important campaign and through implementing abuse prevention practices year-round, we are committing to the safety of all children in our community.

We KNOW when we understand the common practices of those who harm and the best practices to stop them.

We SEE when we can recognize the warning signs or behaviors that signal abuse or risk for abuse.

We RESPOND when we take action in response to behaviors we recognize as being inappropriate or questionable.

See Something. Say Something.

Reporting Suspected Child Abuse
In our commitment to provide the best in programs, services and supporting our community, the YMCA of Greater Toledo has provided an anonymous Concern/Complaint Reporting platform for your use.

To make an anonymous report, please fill out the form or call the number below.
All calls and reports are confidential.