child abuse prevention


The safety and well-being of children in the care of Ys across the U.S. is, and always will be, our priority.

Serving the youth in our community is a vital part of our mission, and we are committed to creating a safe environment for the thousands of children and teens we serve every year.

As the nation’s largest youth-serving organization, our most important work includes ensuring their safety and well-being — it is foundational to everything we do at the Y to help them learn, grow and thrive.

See Something. Say Something.

Reporting Suspected Child Abuse
In our commitment to provide the best in programs, services and supporting our community, the YMCA of Greater Toledo has provided an anonymous Concern/Complaint Reporting platform for your use.

To make an anonymous report, please fill out the form or call the number below.
All calls and reports are confidential.

"The YMCA is dedicated to  making every effort possible to identify and prevent child abuse and neglect. The YMCA encourages adults and organizations to join us to make the community a safer place for children to live, learn, and play."

Brad Toft, President and CEO 

YMCA of Greater Toledo

We as Y staff, members, community members and volunteers need to build on the work we’ve done and develop the three habits in child abuse prevention:

We KNOW when we understand the common practices of those who harm and the best practices to stop them.

We SEE when we can recognize the warning signs or behaviors that signal abuse or risk for abuse.

We RESPOND when we take action in response to behaviors we recognize as being inappropriate or questionable.

As we see and interact with these three habits and their corresponding images in various ways at our YMCA’s throughout the day, they remind us of our responsibility to safety and what we can do as individuals to protect youth from abuse.

Together, let’s commit to protecting the youth in our YMCA and our communities by practicing the three habits of child abuse protection each day.

Because when we know and understand how abuse happens, see the warning signs, and are prepared to respond quickly to prevent it, we create a culture of child abuse prevention that results in even safer environments for kids to reach their full potential. 

Learn more about know, see, respond below. 

Praesidium Accreditation Team

The Y works closely with Praesidium, the national leader in organizational abuse risk management. 

Certified Praesidium Guardians™ are certified experts who have demonstrated the ability to implement practices that lead to a safer environment in an organization by developing and maintaining abuse prevention skills. 

Our Y accreditation team  listed below are dedicated to educating Y staff and the larger community on how to recognize and help prevent child abuse.

Melissa DiFiori

VICE PRESIDENT OF CAMPING Certified Praesidium Guardian™ [email protected]

Mark Brunsman

CHIEF RESOURCE OFFICER [email protected]

Lesley Doria