Job Code: WT

Assistant and Lead Teachers

Category: Child Care, Child Development
Location: West Toledo YMCA

Job Type: Part-Time


Under the direction of the Site Director. School Age childcare staff are responsible for carrying out the day to day tasks assigned by the Lead teacher at the specified site. She/he will be responsible for helping in leading program activities, assessment, snack preparation, and communicating effectively with the children, their parents, YMCA/JCC personnel, and the center guests when needed and as assigned by the site director.

There are 4 childcare sites under the West Toledo, Whitmer Program Center (School Age), Deveaux (Preschool and School Age), Elmhurst (School Age) and Grove Patterson (School Age)



1. An understanding and knowledge of children, their behavior and development.

2. Specific knowledge in developmentally appropriate practices for the age group.

3. Must have or be willing/able to enroll in CPR, First Aid, Child Abuse Prevention, and Prevention of Infectious Diseases, and online courses in licensing laws, SUTQ, developmentally appropriate practices and child abuse overview.

4. Warm and friendly personality and the willingness to interact with the children.

5. Meet ODJFS licensing qualifications in training and background check.

6. High School Diploma or GED


1. Follow directions and complete assigned tasks given from Site Director.

2. Follow Ohio’s Common Core Standards and the school age curriculum.

3. Help to maintain the daily records.

4. Attend family events.

5. Understand and help to update a portfolio on each child.

6. Assist with self assessments, child assessments and environmental assessments.

7. Follow YMCA/JCC child care policies and procedures, as well as ODJFS licensing standards.

8. Follow and adhere to TQM policies.

9. Implement the daily lessons and the preparation of materials and supplies.

10. Help with general housekeeping tasks.

11. Maintain a professional attitude.

12. Treat children with dignity and speak to them in a friendly, positive and courteous manner while developing the four YMCA/JCC character values; caring, faith, honesty, respect, and responsibility.

13. Interact with children and encourage them to share experience, feelings, and ideas.

14. Foster the independence of children, such as; cleaning up toys, hand washing, etc.

15. Use positive guidance techniques, such as; redirection, anticipation and elimination of problems, and encourage appropriate behavior.

16. Attend all staff meetings and training programs as requested by the Lead Teacher or Director.

17. Attend 6 hours of ODJFS in-service training annually and 20-30 hours of SUTQ hours every 2 years.

18. Have complete knowledge of emergency procedures.

19. Assist in maintaining a high quality learning environment.

20. Model healthy living and lifestyle.

21. Assist with other duties assigned.

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