Health and Wellness
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Health and Wellness

We have the latest fitness classes, health and wellness seminars, personalized training programs, and sports leagues for all ages and abilities.

Healthy And Wellness

The Y is the leading voice of health and well-being in our community.  With a mission centered on balance, we bring families closer together, encourage good health, and foster connections through fitness, sports, fun and shared interests.


Healthy Living Initiatives

Partners in Healthy Living is a work-site wellness program that connects employers and their employees with the resources they need to create a more healthy and balanced lifestyle for themselves and their families.  Participating employers can ultimately benefit from the program with a healthier workforce, a reduced absenteeism rate, and lower health care costs.

Membership Benefits for Partners in Healthy Living employees:

No joiner fee, a $50 value

Membership rates based on household income for those who qualify

Two-week trial pass

Access to nine area YMCA and JCC locations

Free access to any Y in Ohio with the MY Y is Every Y in Ohio program

Free fitness classes

Free babysitting while you work out

Four family adventure centers

Programs at YMCA Storer Camps

Reduced prices on YMCA Child Care

Healthy Living initiatives

For more information, contact Wilma DiManna –


Diabetes Prevention Program

The YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program is helping reduce the burden of chronic disease in communities across the nation. The program helps those at high risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles by eating healthier, increasing physical activity and losing a modest amount of weight in order to reduce their chances of developing the disease. Contact Susan Ruff, YMCA's Diabetes Program Coordinator, for more details. Take the Diabetes Risk Assessment. 


Diabetes Program

The Y offers a free, 8-week program designed to provide diabetes education for individuals previously diagnosed or at high risk for developing the disease. Through local collaborations in the community, the Y/J offers weekly classes led by health professionals including a Certified Diabetes Educator, Licensed Dietitian and a YMCA Wellness Center Manager. Along with classes, each participant is eligible for a free 12-week individual max membership. Contact Susan Ruff, YMCA’s Diabetes Program Coordinator, for more details.


Community Initiatives

Statewide Pioneering Healthier Communities Initiative – Live Well Greater Toledo


Description of the program:

Toledo was chosen to be part one of sixteen YMCAs from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the YMCA of the USA’s Statewide Pioneering Healthier Communities initiative to reduce childhood obesity. Early in 2011, leaders from the YMCA/JCC, ProMedica, Mercy Children’s Hospital, Lucas County Commissioners, United Way of Greater Toledo, Toledo Community Foundation, Toledo Public Schools, University of Toledo and Toledo Lucas County Health Department, along with the Mayor of the City of Toledo and three youth advocates, attended a conference in Washington D.C. to help greater Toledo create solutions to improve nutrition and physical activity. The group is currently established a community action plan which will focus on 4 key areas including improving access to fruits and vegetables and healthier food as well as improving areas for physical activity such as walking and biking.  To learn more about how to be a part of this opportunity, log on to the website at  or contact Live Well at


Walking Bus Toolkit

Walking Buses are being implemented in the Greater Toledo area where volunteers are trained on how to conduct a Walking Bus program to assist in walking children to and from the school as well as to and from YMCA programs.  If you are interested in conducting a Walking Bus in your area, contact Live Well at


Family Programs

Learn, laugh, and spend time together during fun activities that promote health and well-being for everyone.


Maintain or improve your health through cardio, strength and flexibility programs with guidance from Y staff. The YMCA supports healthy lifestyles by reaching out to and engaging all those who seek well-being of spirit, mind and body. Fitness requires a well rounded approach; including cardio, strength and flexibility. YMCA staff can help you select the right fitness workouts, classes and training that is right for you and your family.


Selecting a sport program to participate in can be as simple as selecting one you have enjoyed as a fan. However, sometimes it makes sense to think through about your fitness goals and what you enjoy doing. Sports offer the opportunity to participate individually or as a team. Each sport challenges the participant in different ways through endurance, speed, mental toughness, teamwork, strength, coordination and countless other ways.


Through various aquatic programs, the Y not only helps develop swimming and water safety skills, but also focuses on members' needs, as well as those of the community. From preschoolers to adults, overcoming fear of the water and developing water and swimming skills are rewarding. And, it promotes better health as a physical activity that can be performed throughout life.

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