The YMCA of Greater Toledo believes that a healthy workforce can help manage your company's healthcare costs and improve productivity while reducing workplace stress.

Employer Benefits

Companies know that healthy employees tend to lead to more productive and happy employees, resulting in more success for their organizations.  The YMCA of Greater Toledo is pleased to offer a Corporate Wellness Program to our local area businesses.  We currently work with small, medium and large organizations in the Greater Toledo area.  

A Corporate Wellness Program membership provides your employees with the ability to get access to any one of our 10 branch locations, participate in programs, and receive reduced rates on paid programs along with child care rates.  

Our branch locations span across Toledo, Oregon, Perrysburg, Sylvania, Maumee and Waterville, Ohio, as well as Adrian and Temperance, Michigan. 

In a time of intense competition to attract and retain talent, demonstrating to your employees that we care about their health and wellness can also strengthen your recruitment and retention efforts.

Employer Commitment

The YMCA asks for a small commitment from you, the employer.  We ask that you communicate with your employees about the Corporate Wellness Program and the benefits and discounts they receive when they become a member under your corporate plan. 

Employee Benefits

  • No 12-month membership agreement (go month to month)
  • Reduced monthly membership rate
  • Reduced rates on Y programs including:
    • Child Care
    • Youth and Adult Programs
    • Swim Lessons
    • YMCA Storer Camps
    • Summer Day Camps & more!
  • Healthy Living Programs 
    • Blood Pressure 
    • Diabetes
    • Nutrition
    • Personal Training
    • Weight Management 

Do you have additional questions about Corporate Memberships? 

Contact Shonna Moon at [email protected].