YMCA Storer Camps
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YMCA Storer Camps

The Adventure Of A Lifetime

YMCA Storer Camps is nationally recognized as an innovator in delivering educational programs, character development and team building services to youth and adults.

Nearly 20,000 campers, students, teachers and families attend Storer Camps each year. Located in southeast Michigan on 1,200 acres surrounding Stony Lake, our 15 unique ecosystems provide a natural learning environment.

Open year-round, we offer three core programs: Outdoor Environmental Education, Summer Resident Camps, and Specialty Programs & Group Retreats.

"My 3 sons had a wonderful 2 weeks. We live in Texas, so it was great fun to hear all the stories and songs as we drove back home. They can't wait to go back next year."

Programs Offered

Traditional Summer Camps

Disguised as adventures that create lifetime friendships, our programs cultivate life-skills critical for success in academics, career, family and community.

Living together in cabins and villages, taking open-air classes, and participating in a wide range of outdoor activities provides opportunities by design for:

  1. Sharing of knowledge and ideas
  2. Conceptualization of needs and solutions
  3. Development of interpersonal skills for helping people
  4. Guidance to individuals and groups in the completion of tasks
  5. Learning day-to-day skills that result in the satisfaction of “a job well-done”

Between 2001 and 2004 the American Camp Association conducted research with more than 5000 people to determine the outcomes of the summer camp experience. Parents, camp staff, and children reported significant growth in:

  • Self-esteem and Peer Relationships
  • Independence and Adventure and Exploration
  • Leadership and Environmental Awareness
  • Friendship Skills and Values and Decisions
  • Social Comfort and Spirituality

The Storer Outdoor School

The Storer Outdoor School is a hands-on total immersion learning center serving more than 120 elementary and middle schools each year.

“The Great Outdoors” makes science and related curriculum come alive, and significantly more relevant, for each student.

Each year, more than 13,000 students and teachers spend 3-5 days and nights on-site at our Outdoor School. Storer’s staff of educators offers more than 30 courses that teach natural sciences, environmental issues, cultural history, and team building through active participation.

The importance of outdoor experiences reported in independent studies that show outdoor environment education programs raise science scores by as much as 27% and that outdoor environment education programs have a positive effect on student achievement in general.

In addition, studies show that outdoor educational experiences positively impact student behavior and interaction with peers as shown through improved conflict resolution skills.

The results are measurable and significant.

Specialty Programs & Group Retreats

Storer's custom programs are tailored to meet the needs of more than 5,000 people who are members of community groups from a wide variety of backgrounds.

These programs are designed and conducted by YMCA Storer Camps in collaboration with the group. Shared goal setting for outcomes as well as combined leadership of activities ensure that each group’s needs are met.

These collaborations include church retreats, youth sports, family camps, environmental groups, women’s and men’s associations, teen leadership and service-learning, Girl Scouts, and parent/child programs.

100’s of groups find sanctuary here. They benefit from a love of place, a sense of community, and a shared identity.

In recent years, some of our most memorable experiences have come from reaching out to communities with unique needs.

We host several “cancer camps” in partnership with the American Cancer Society. The World Oncology Camp, brings in children from around the world.



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