Gymnastics Center Guidelines

Keeping You Informed

Please note our guidelines below to ensure you and your child have a positive experience with the YMCA of Greater Toledo Gymnastics Center. 

Session Schedule:

  • Classes run on a 7-week session with a break week between most sessions.
  • Week 6 is pre-registration, during which, Y members can register for the SAME class, day & time for the next session. Must pre-register through the Gymnastics Center.
  • Week 7 is open Y member registration. Registration can be done online, through the Gymnastics Center, or through your local Y branch.
  • Week 8 is break week & starts Program Participant registration.

Class Safety Guidelines:

  • Leotards or t-shirt & shorts are preferable- no zippered shorts or jeans please
  • Barefoot is preferable, but socks are acceptable as well- not tights with feet 
  • Long hair should be pulled back from face
  • No gum, cough drops, etc
  • All warts must be covered at all times
  • No Jewelry please

Make-up Class Policy
Make-up classes due to holidays or weather-related closings will usually be scheduled during the break week (week 8) between sessions. Make-up classes due to an illness or missing classes for another reason can be scheduled, beginning week 2, at the Gymnastics Center Service Desk. No drop-ins please. Make-up classes cannot carry over between sessions.

Progress Reports- Our Philosophy:
Our gymnastics program is based on a system of progressive skills that build one upon another. The program is a combination of both the USA Gymnastics & the YMCA National Gymnastics programs. Three times a year (after Fall II, Winter II, and Summer sessions) our coaching staff prepares a progress report for our progressive level gymnasts.

These progress reports are NOT meant to be nor should they be interpreted as an indication of “passing” or “failing” a particular class or level. They are simply a means of letting the gymnasts & their families know how they are progressing in learning the sport of gymnastics. Their progress report will indicate when they are ready to safely and successfully attempt the next level of skills. 

As all parents know, every child is an individual and progresses at his or her own pace. Please keep encouraging your gymnast to do their best & focus on their accomplishments, not their weaknesses- some of the skills, especially in the upper levels, can be really difficult!

Most gymnasts spend several sessions perfecting skills and gaining the strength & proficiency to work their skills at the next level. There is a lot to be said for the self-esteem gained by challenging yourself & succeeding!