Job Code: 21

AVID Tutor

Category: 21st Century Program

Job Type: Part-Time
Rate: 10/hour


Position Location: Various schools in the Toledo Public School System

Position Description:

Work with Toledo Public School Teachers, gain classroom experience, and learn the AVID strategy while helping students become college and career ready.

  • Tutoring in AVID is different from any job you have held before. Being part of a program at the forefront of education is highly challenging and requires extraordinary commitment, yet its rewards are many. More than anything else, tutoring in AVID is the best preparation possible for a career in teaching or in any other job which is people oriented. AVID is currently in over 5.600 schools in 44 states.
  • AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) tutorials take place in small groups or individually. AVID tutors assist the students achieve their full potential by facilitating collaborative tutorial groups. Tutors use Socratic questioning and collaborative learning techniques to help the students come up with the answers to their questions on their own and by working with fellow students.
  • The YMCA and TPS will train you to become an AVID Tutor.
  • AVID tutors are expected to be at the school on Tuesdays and Thursdays for tutorial days.

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