Job Code: EA

Swim Instructor

Category: Aquatics
Location: Eastern Community YMCA

Job Type: Part-Time
Keywords: Hourly


To ensure the safety of all children enrolled in a swimming lesson receive quality instruction in a fun and safe environment.

Job Segments:

  1. Arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your lesson.
  2. Start and end class on time.
  3. Follow a lesson plan for each class. Incorporate individualized games and activities and have all necessary equipment prepared.
  4. Take attendance at every class.
  5. Complete a Progress Report for each child, as well as a Certificate, to be handed out at the last lesson.
  6. Encourage and challenge the children in a friendly and loving way.
  7. Find and secure your own substitute when needed and tell supervisor.
  8. Have fun! Playing games is a part of every lesson.
  9. Demonstrate Responsibility, Respect, Caring & Honesty towards members, guests, co-workers, and supervisor at all times. Incorporate Character Development into your plans.
  10. Promote and follow all the pool rules during lessons.
  11. Ensure storage room is kept clean and equipment is stored properly.
  12. Realize the children and parents depend on their instructor to be present for all lessons of the session. Therefore, absences must be avoided at all cost.  Notify parents of any ensconces in advance when possible.
  13. Perform any unique duties requested, as deemed appropriate, by your supervisor.


A swimming instructor must receive/possess and keep current YMCA Swim Instructor, Adult/Child/Infant CPR-PR, First Aid and O2 Administration.  The YMCA will assist the successful candidate in receiving these certifications.

If Interested, send resume electronically to Wendy Baldwin at