Job Code: SJ

Gymnastics Instructor

Category: Gymnastics
Location: Sylvania YMCA/JCC

Job Type: Part-Time


To develop and instruct a Gymnastics Program according to the guidelines of the YMCA’s Mission and Values. Insure the safety of all participants during class.


Job Segments:

1. Insure the safety of all participants in class.

2. Be at the YMCA, or designated work site, prior to class to prepare.

3. Make sure all necessary equipment is out before class is scheduled to begin and return equipment to storage after class.

4. Conduct class in accordance with YMCA principles.

5. Be aware at all times to participant’s level of activity intensity, encouraging them to go at their own pace.

6. Observe building policies, restrictions, and emergency procedures.

7. Openly promote health enhancement programs offered at the YMCA.

8. Keep accurate attendance records.

9. Attend all staff meetings and training sessions when deemed necessary by your supervisor.

10. Be dressed in appropriate attire when while teaching class.

11. Keep supervisor informed of any equipment that needs fixed or replaced.

12. Notify supervisor and customer service desk of any injuries or emergencies. Incident/Accident reports must be completed and turned in for any incidents.

13. Portrayal of the core values: Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility at all times.

14. In an effort to keep employee injuries to a minimum, will encourage all staff to perform their duties in a safe and efficient manner. In all incidences, proper equipment must be used for the task being performed.

15. Any other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Position Requirements:

● A minimum of 2 years experience in instructing youth in a gymnastics program environment.

● CPR/First Aid required

Please apply by April 23, 2018.

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