Job Code: EA

Lifeguard (Certified) - Early Morning and Daytime Shift

Category: Aquatics
Location: Eastern Community YMCA

Job Type: Part-Time
Rate: 8.30-10/hr


To ensure the safety of all swimmers and observers in the pool area, while maintaining a clean and fun environment.

Available hours: Must be available to work a minimum of two days per week from 5am to 9am, 9am to 1pm or 1pm to 5pm.


Job Segments:

  • Be on deck and ready to lifeguard on time.
  • Ensure that all swimmers and divers follow pool rules and policies.
  • Follow opening and closing procedures.
  • Never read or do homework while someone is in the pool.
  • Take chemical readings and record on chemical log sheet at specified times (see log sheet). These are state required records!
  • Count the number of people in the pool and record on pool attendance form every ½ hour. These are important legal records!
  • Find and secure your own substitute when needed, complete Sub Request Form, and turn in to your supervisor for approval.
  • Check board daily in the guard office to keep up to date and informed of upcoming events.
  • Demonstrate Responsibility, Respect, Caring & Honesty towards members, guests, co-workers, and supervisor at all times.
  • Maintain a clean deck at all times.
  • Maintain your physical ability to perform rescues. Attend all trainings and swim/record 500’s weekly
  • Ensure storage room is kept clean and equipment is stored properly.
  • Put in and take out lane and safety lines as needed (according to pool schedule) and store properly when not in use.
  • Know the pool schedule so the pool can be set up appropriately.
  • Read and understand evaluation criteria (attached and posted in guard office).
  • Perform any unique duties requested, as deemed appropriate, by your supervisor.


A YMCA lifeguard must possess and keep current the following certifications at all times: Lifeguarding, Adult/Child/Infant CPR (Professional Rescue or Healthcare Provider), First Aid, Oxygen Administration, and AED.

Send resume or letter of interest electronically by February 28, 2019 to Dayre Carpenter at