Job Code: EA

Swim Instructor - Daytime

Category: Aquatics
Location: Eastern Community YMCA

Job Type: Part-Time
Rate: $8.30 - $9 per hour


To ensure the safety of all swimmers and observers in the pool area, while maintaining a clean and fun environment.


A YMCA Swim Instructor must possess and keep current the following certifications at all times: Adult/Infant and Child CPR (Lay responder), Swim Instructor V6 Certification

Job Segments:

  1. Be on deck and ready to teach on time.
  2. Ensure that all students follow pool rules and policies.
  3. Teach swim lessons according to YMCA policies.
  4. Keep a positive attitude while teaching students.
  5. Maintain a visual on all students that are in your class.
  6. Find and secure your own substitute when needed, compete Sub Request Form and turn in to your supervisor for approval.
  7. Check the board and pool book daily to keep up to date on upcoming events.
  8. Demonstrate Responsibility, Respect, Caring and Honesty towards members, guests, co-workers and supervisor at all times.
  9. Attend all in-service and other required trainings.
  10. Perform all duties that are included in your shift (Player Space Entries)
  11. Know the names of your students and become aware of all swimming abilities.
  12. Read and understand evaluation criteria.
  13. Maintain a high level a of swim lesson understanding.
  14. Wear appropriate uniforms at all times (Suit and Shirt).
  15. Have all progress reports completed by the second to last week, in case of a sub for your class.
  16. Perform any unique duties requested as deemed appropriate by your supervisor.

Send resume or letter of interest electronically by February 28, 2019 to Dayre Carpenter at