Job Code: WE

Teen Coordinator

Category: Programs
Location: West Toledo YMCA

Job Type: Part-Time


General Function

Under the guidance of the Associate Executive Director, the Teen Coordinator will help watch over and participate in the daily activities with the teens.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Understand and live by the Character Values of the YMCA such as Faith, Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.
  2. Staff member must exhibit a passion for working with teens.
  3. Participate in activities with teens in order to build relationships with teens, and families within the Teen Center and Teen Programming.
  4. Staff must make a commitment to be a role model to teens at all times and sign role model agreement.
  5. Demonstrate objectivity in emotional situations by exercising professional skills in problem solving, by maintaining patience, confidence, and composure under pressure and adverse circumstances.
  6. Must be willing to be a team player with other staff members and or director.
  7. Staff member should not exhibit any negative behavior or participate in gossip with other members or staff regarding YMCA programming or classes.
  8. Staff member should be able to display a positive working attitude and also accept any situation that pertains to YMCA Teen Programming even when they do not accept the ideas or decisions of management.
  9. Must be confident in their leadership skills by being able to give directions or discipline teens when the occasion arises.
  10. Give ideas and help with the creative process of planning teen programming.
  11. Understand the Teen Coordinator role as a representative of the YMCA and project a positive image at all times within the community.
  12. Coordinator should not sit for no longer than 15 minutes unless staff member is interacting in an activity with a teen.
  13. Coordinator must understand that his or her role is to interact and engage teens that come into the Teen Center.
  14. Coordinator should be able to take directions from management.
  15. Promote a professional working environment while establishing open communication with Teen & Wellness Director while in the YMCA and other activities while representing the YMCA.
  16. Coordinator should establish and maintain a working Teen Leaders Club or Teen Bible Study with active service projects.
  17. Coordinator should have a complimentary working relationship with the staff of Start High School and make an effort to attend the school building at least 4 times a month.
  18. Coordinator is expected to recruit teens to attend regional teen rallies and annual Leaders Training School.
  19. If for any reason you are unable to work your shift, find own substitute.
  20. Document and communicate to the Associate Executive Director about any difficult situations that may arise.
  21. Perform opening and closing duties
  22. Complete other duties as assigned by the Associate Executive Director

Effect on the End Result

Successful completion of the above job responsibilities will ensure a quality and safe daily operation of the West Toledo YMCA Teen Center.


Monday-Thursday 4:00pm-8:00pm working as Teen Center attendant (plus weekend availability once a month for service projects and other scheduled teen events)



9.00-11.00/hr. (depending upon experience)

Please send in your resume and letter of interest to Dave Klepaski at by March 4, 2019.


  • High school diploma or GED
  • At least 21 years of age
  • Experience with teenagers preferred