Job Code: SJ

Afterschool Child Development Center Director & Early Ed. Assistant Director

Category: Child Care, Child Development
Location: Sylvania YMCA/JCC

Job Type: Full-Time
Rate: Hourly, $12-$14, dependent on experience.


Under the direction of a Branch Child Development Director, the Director is responsible for carrying out the day to day operations for the specified center.  She/he will be responsible for overseeing all the center enrollment, marketing, classroom teachers, ODJFS licensing, Step-Up to Quality – if applicable, billing, snack and meal service, and communicating effectively with the children, their parents, YMCA/JCC personnel, and the center guest when needed. She/he will work cooperatively with other center director.


  1. Maintain safe and secure environment for all at all times.
  2. Work as a team member with other staff.
  3. Oversee learning environments with developmentally appropriate activities.
  4. Collect and maintain paperwork for licensing and billing.
  5. Work with community partners.
  6. Communicate effectively with children, their parents, other YMCA/JCC staff, and center guests.
  7. Report any concerns to your supervisor.
  8. Respond to emergencies according to YMCA/JCC procedures.
  9. Maintain confidentiality regarding personal information on children and staff


  1. Collect fees and co pays from families- assist families in getting set up for the Automatic Payment System. Handling paperwork thoroughly.
  2. Maintain compliance with ODJFS licensing standards.
  3. Coordinate and handle the Step Up to Quality initiative for center.
  4. Hire and supervise teachers and teacher’s assistants.
  5. Observe and provide feedback to teachers on a regular basis.
  6. Assist in the budget development process.
  7. Meet or exceed budget expectations.
  8. Assist the branch with raising scholarship contributions.
  9. Maintain excellent relationships with employees and partnering departments for center operations.
  10. Work with community agencies to provide services to families and the children.
  11. Maintain association Total Quality Management Standards as written for School Age programs.
  12. Coordinate special needs accommodation plans for children with disabilities with the lead teachers and the parents.
  13. Lesson plans will indicate that Building A Primary Classroom is aligned with the Ohio’s Common Core Standards.
  14. Attend meetings as scheduled for child development and branches.
  15. In cooperation with the teachers, develop staff development plans.
  16. Assist with center enrollment and maintain 90 – 100% enrollment.
  17. Provide a developmentally appropriate education and care for children.
  18. Provide on time and accurate information concerning the food program and the public fund invoicing to child care corporate contract coordinator.
  19. Be visible in the community for recruitment purposes.
  20. Share in YMCA/JCC larger program functions when called upon.
  21. Provide leadership to Branch Child Development Center as needed and assigned by Branch Child Development Lead Site Director.
  22. Enroll all families, ensuring that paperwork and proper procedures are followed for enrolling all children.
  23. Model healthy living and lifestyle.
  24. Assist with other duties assigned.


The director must have knowledge and desire to implement annual quality improvements at the center.  Also required are excellent verbal and written skills, experience working with a diverse group of families and employees, experience and proven success with child care licensing, staff supervision, business operations and day to day center management. This position is key in providing leadership and follows through on YMCA Child Care and Early Education components. 


  1. B.S. Degree in Education or related field, two years of experience as a child care director or head teacher or an associate’s degree in Education with four years of experience or CPL level 3 or higher.
  2. The director must maintain certification in First Aid, CPR, Recognition and Prevention of Child Abuse, and Communicable Disease, online trainings in licensing law, SUTQ, developmentally appropriate practices and overview of Child Abuse.
  3. The director must have experience and knowledge of Ohio Department of Job and Families Child Care licensing regulations along with Step-Up to Quality.
  4. Warm and friendly personality and willingness to interact with others.
  5. An understanding and knowledge of children, their behavior and development.
  6. Specific knowledge in developmentally appropriate practices.

Expected Results:

  • Safe, healthy and developmental programs for children.
  • Maintain an educated and diverse staff team.
  • Active recruiting to maintain enrollment.
  • Meet or exceed budget expectations.
  • Annual measured quality improvements.

If interested, please send resume electronically by March 6, 2020 to Katie Hyden at