Job Code: WC

Sports Staff

Category: Youth Sports
Location: Wolf Creek YMCA

Job Type: Part-Time


General Function:
To provide leadership and instruction in all phases of the assigned leagues or clinics.

Know How/Qualifications:
Instructor must posses the ability to work with children of all ages and abilities. Strong background in all sports is highly desirable.



Essential Functions:
•Plan program goals, making sure to include the YMCA’s four core values of Honesty, Respect, Caring and Responsibility.
• Include in each class: Introduction, Warm-up, Review, Skill Development, Personal Growth and Safety.
• Prepare prior to each class any necessary equipment and supplies, being sure that class begins on time and ends on time.
• Insure proper use and storage of all equipment used in program. Keep the storage areas neat, reporting any damaged equipment to the Program Coordinator.
• Be courteous, consistent, conscientious, helpful and most of all make sure each child participates fully and has FUN!
• Keep Program Coordinator and Associate Executive Director informed of any changes/problems that arise.

Effect On End Result:
The Sports Staff will work as an integral part of a quality staff team dedicated to providing quality programming and experiences that fit the YMCA’s mission. The instructor will help each student grow personally, learn sportsmanship, clarify personal values, appreciate diversity, become better leaders and supporters, develop and strengthen family relationships and have fun through your direct involvement. 

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