Job Code: FM

Fitness Coach

Category: Fitness & Wellness
Location: Fort Meigs YMCA

Job Type: Part-Time
Keywords: Weekday mornings, Weekday afternoons and Weekends


To ensure the safety of all participants and observers in the Fitness Center, while maintaining a clean and fun environment.  Attendant is responsible for the instruction, supervision and safety of all members utilizing the facility.

Job Segments:

  1. Demonstrate the proper use of equipment to members.
  2. Assist members with workouts and workout planning.
  3. Provide fitness center orientations to new members.
  4. Supervise the fitness center for general safety of users.
  5. Enforce all branch policies relating to fitness area and equipment.
  6. Maintain proper operation of fitness equipment, and report any repair needs to Supervisor immediately.
  7. Keep the fitness center clean, comfortable and pleasant.
  8. Maintain the member workout log file.
  9. Clean windows, mirrors and machines on a regular basis.
  10. Demonstrate Responsibility, Respect, Caring & Honesty towards members, guests, co-workers, and supervisor at all times.
  11. Help keep the facility and grounds free of litter and safety hazards.
  12. In an effort to keep employee injuries to a minimum, will encourage all staff to perform their duties in a safe and efficient manner. In all incidences, proper equipment must be used for the task being performed. 
  13. Any other duties as assigned by supervisors.


A YMCA Fitness Coach is required to have a good understanding of physical fitness, strength training, exercise science and fitness equipment.  Current certification in CPR, First Aid, and AED is required; Principles of Health and Fitness desired within 90 days of hire.  In addition, it is desired for the Fitness/Wellness Center Attendant to complete YMCA Personal Fitness certification within one year of hire.

Please submit resume electronically by February 15, 2020 to Matt Fleig at