The mission of the Achievers program is to assist teens in meeting high academic and career expectations. The program develops young minds, builds character, a strong work ethic, and reinforces the importance of education.

Additionally, Achievers places focus on leadership and skills development. The program provides tools to develop positive behavioral traits such as caring, honesty, respect, responsibility, and self-confidence. These values, in turn, can aid youths in leading healthy, productive lives. 

The Achievers program accomplishes these initiatives by partnering with community stakeholders to be role models for mentoring and coaching. Stakeholders will help support the YMCA via a shared vision and implement program objectives to reach teens and deliver targeted programming to meet their individual needs. The program elements’ framework is in place; however, Achievers’ key success is community collaboration and stakeholder engagement.

The YMCA Achievers Program will teach our youth business and technology, communication skills, finance, commerce, law, health, political science, art expression and design through collaborations. Also, educate teens to navigate the emerging world of cultural diversity and social responsibility. Whether students choose a university, community college, or a technical college, the YMCA staff and volunteers strive to support participants. 

Through corporate partnerships and our community’s strength, we will reap the rewards of the Achievers Program by increasing the talent pool, designing a role map of knowledge and support to inspire youth through mentoring, and developing long-lasting relationships. The Achievers program’s overall design can identify future leaders; provide support and assist them to rise to the occasion to be responsible leaders in our community.


  • Expose youth to diverse career options. 
  • Raise academic standards and improve college readiness. 
  • Help youth develop a positive sense of self. 
  • Build character and increase youth life skills. 
  • Create channels for continuing community involvement by business 
  • Recognize and promote excellence among youth participants and adult volunteers.



Danielle Kisch – West Toledo YMCA 

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Avery Cooper – Wayman Palmer YMCA

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Jessica Mack – Wolf Creek YMCA

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Program Elements


  • Homework assistance
  • Set academic goals and outcomes

Leadership Development

  • Mentoring/coaching
  • Public speaking
  • Social awareness
  • Youth in Government /Leaders Clubs

Career Exploration

  • Career fairs
  • Job shadowing/Internships
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Presentations 

College Prep

  • Financial Aid workshops 
  • College tours
  • College fairs
  • SAT/ACT prep

Community and Learning service projects

  • Volunteering 
  • Job shadowing

Work readiness preparation

  • Resume writing
  • Interviewing/Public speaking 
  • Career exploration
  • Labor Market Education

Life Skills

  • Financial Literacy Education
  • Drug and alcohol prevention
  • Team building
  • Managing stress and anger