Schools as Hubs

Schools as Community Hubs (Hubs) connect residents, students, and their families to resources and supports within their neighborhood. The strategy makes a school – a place that already acts as a natural anchor for kids – the center of an entire neighborhood by bringing together multiple services and programs and making them accessible to everyone - not just students at the school. Hubs strive to collaborate with area partners to offer an integrated and impactful array of services, supports, and opportunities that lead to a better neighborhood.

Each Hub develops a team of the Hub Director, Principal, administrators, teachers, support services staff, partners, parents, neighborhood residents, and other community members/businesses who determine the services provided at that location.

Why It Matters

There are numerous positive outcomes to these Hubs, including improved academic performance, healthier and safer communities, and more.

Hub Goals

Our Hub Schools

There are 5 Community Hubs schools in the Toledo Public Schools district. The YMCA is the Lead Community Partner at Riverside Elementary in North Toledo.

Below are the Facebook links for each Hub, click on each one to learn what they're doing and how you can get connected.

Riverside Elementary

Scott High School

Robinson Elementary School

Reynolds Elementary School

Rogers High School

For further information, please contact:

Travis Amison, Hub Director
Office: (419) 671-6700 ext 2307