Virtual Workouts and Activities for the Whole Family

With the COVID-19 virus continuing to slow our daily routines and keep us in our homes, it's important to stay active. Easier said than done, right? Well, your Y team has created some custom workouts and activities for people of all ages.

We've also evaluated a variety of other online resources for you to consider in building and maintaining a healthy mind, spirit and body during these challenging times.

Many workouts and activities can be done by people of almost any age. That said, we've categorized them to help you find what you're looking for.

We can't wait to work out, swim, dance, draw and talk with you "live" in our branches. Until then, follow the advice of the experts in avoiding the coronavirus and do your best to stay healthy. Being fit and healthy has so many benefits. Evidence shows that even moderate exercise benefits the immune system.

We will be adding more resources to this site, so feel free to bookmark it and come back again! We will also push links to workouts and activities to members by email. If you'd like to receive emails from the Y, just let us know

Active Older Adult Workouts

  1. Rise and Shine from YMCA 360
  2. Weights from YMCA 360
  3. Resistance Tube from YMCA 360
  4. SilverSneakers on Demand - wide variety of videos designed for ages 65 and up: flexibility/mobility, balance, cardio, strength, and more (available to those eligible)
  5. 7-minute Yoga Workout
  6. SilverSneakers Yoga with Chris from YMCA of Greater Toledo (Sylvania)

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Higher-Intensity Workouts

  1. 12 At-Home Exercises from Matrix - 3 each for cardio, power, strength and endurance (dumbells required for some exercises)
  2. Strength Circuit from YMCA 360
  3. Lower Body from YMCA 360
  4. Core 1 from YMCA 360
  5. Core 2 from YMCA 360
  6. MOSSA Move - YMCA of Greater Toledo members have exclusive access to a free, 60-day trial to workouts similar to those offered in our branches -- including cardio, strength and mind-body workouts. After 60 days, the cost is $7.99/month. Credit card is required to start the trial. You would be notified around the 55-day mark reminding of the $7.99 charge (and you can opt out).
  7. 8 Exercises + 8 Reps with Dustin from YMCA of Greater Toledo (Francis)
  8. Bootcamp with Brett: Warm Up from YMCA 360
  9. Bootcamp with Brett: 5-Minute Challenge Round 1 from YMCA 360
  10. Bootcamp with Brett: 5-Minute Challenge Round 2 from YMCA 360
  11. Bootcamp with Brett: 5-Minute Challenge Round 3 from YMCA 360
  12. Core Blast with Crystal and Matt from YMCA of Greater Toledo (Anthony Wayne and Fort Meigs)
  13. HIIT Workout with Matt from YMCA of Greater Toledo (Fort Meigs)

Lower-Intensity Workouts

  1. Yoga Beginner Flow from YMCA 360
  2. Yoga from YMCA 360
  3. Barre Stool from YMCA 360
  4. Yoga Weekday Winddown from YMCA 360
  5. Bootcamp Beginners from YMCA 360
  6. Bootcamp Countdown from YMCA 360
  7. Bootcamp Minute to Win It Round 1 from YMCA 360
  8. Bootcamp Minute to Win It Round 2 from YMCA 360
  9. Pilates 1 from YMCA 360
  10. Barre from YMCA 360
  11. Yoga Lite with Suzi from YMCA of Greater Toledo (East)
  12. Total Body Circuit with Crystal from YMCA of Greater Toledo (Anthony Wayne)
  13. Combination Exercises with Crystal and Matt from YMCA of Greater Toledo (Anthony Wayne and Fort Meigs)
  14. Yoga with Suzi from the YMCA of Greater Toledo (East)
  15. Alphabet Workout with Terri, Chris and Dustin of the YMCA of Greater Toledo
  16. Pilates with Suzi from the YMCA of Greater Toledo (East)

Family Fitness

  1. Yoga for Kids from YMCA 360
  2. Family Fit from YMCA 360
  3. Family Tabata from YMCA 360
  4. Family Exercises with Dustin from YMCA of Greater Toledo (Francis)
  5. Kids Yoga II from YMCA 360

'Recess' Activities for Kids 

  1. Sidewalk chalk obstacle course
  2. Balance a spoon on your nose
  3. The Volley Run
  4. Storer Camps' A Bird in the Hand Activity Book - coloring pages, word search, crossword puzzle, scavenger hunt list, finish the lyric and more
  5. Quarter catch with coin(s)
  6. Hot potato
  7. Balloon balancing
  8. Balloon Race
  9. Balloon Volleyball
  10. Telephone (social distancing style)
  11. Rock Paper Scissors
  12. Knee Soccer
  13. Dodgeball
  14. Egg Catch

Reflections from YMCA Chaplain Abimbola Fajobi

  1. Prayers for you
  2. Take time to notice God's blessings
  3. Palm Sunday
  4. Good Friday
  5. Easter

Art/STEM Videos

  1. One Point Perspective Demo (Intermediate Level)
  2. Art Collage (For All Ages)
  3. Balloon Rocketship (Ages 6-10)


  1. Moonwalking with Britney
  2. Learning Arabesque
  3. Chaine Turns
  4. Back Attitude Turns
  5. Chasse Grand Tete
  6. Fan Kicks and Illusions
  7. Pirouette


  1. Boat Safety

And Don't Forget About FREE Access to Registered Dietitians

  1.  Ask the RD - free, email-based program open to all YMCA of Greater Toledo members.