Smart Start to the New Year

At the start of every year, many people make resolutions to improve their fitness and overall health. However, as the year progresses, the majority of these resolutions fall by the wayside. Why is it so hard to follow through with fitness plans? Here are 10 reasons why people typically don’t follow through with their New Year’s Resolution fitness plans:

  1. Unrealistic goals: It’s important to set achievable and measurable goals that are realistic for your fitness level.

  2. Lack of motivation: Lack of motivation can also derail progress. Finding an activity or workout routine that you enjoy can help keep you motivated.

  3. No accountability: Joining a fitness group or hiring a personal trainer can help keep you accountable.

  4. Overtraining or injury: It’s important to listen to your body and take rest days when needed.

  5. Boredom with routine: Mixing up your workouts or trying new activities can help keep things fresh and exciting.

  6. Time constraints: Finding ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine

  7. Lack of support from family and friends: seeking support from like-minded individuals can help.

  8. Financial constraints: affordable options available such as outdoor activities or at-home workouts. The YMCA also offers financial assistance

  9. Poor nutrition: Eating a balanced diet and fueling your body properly can help improve fitness levels.

  10. No clear plan or guidance: Seeking guidance from a professional or researching workout plans can help set you on the right path toward achieving your fitness goals.

It is important to note that all of these reasons are valid and can be difficult to overcome alone. This is where the YMCA Smart Start program comes in.

This free program pairs Y members with a trained wellness coach who will work with them to set SMART goals and determine the best path for them. The program creates a stress-free environment where members can share openly with staff. Each thirty-minute appointment consists of a 1 on 1 conversation about the member, instructions on basic workouts or fitness equipment, and an introduction to the FREE Ask the Registered Dietitian program.

At the end of each session, staff will advise members on their suggested next step, which could include a referral to a group exercise class, a FREE personal training or MX4 interval training demo, referral to a chronic disease prevention or management program, a FREE Fitness 101 session, a referral to an aquatics-based program such as group fitness or swim lessons, or a FREE second or third Smart Start Appointment.


No matter the reason behind the decision to improve fitness and overall health, the YMCA Smart Start program will help identify the reasons and determine the best path. The program offers accountability, support, guidance, and the opportunity to work with a partner in the fitness and wellness journey. Studies show that only 30% of those who set out on a fitness or wellness journey alone achieve their goal. However, 70% of those who work with a partner achieve success. Let the YMCA Smart Start program be your partner in this journey.

Building Brighter Futures: The Rewards of Joining the YMCA Child Care Team

In the world of community service, the YMCA stands as a pillar of support, offering a wide range of programs and services that cater to the diverse needs of its members. At the heart of this mission are the dedicated individuals working tirelessly in child care, embodying the YMCA’s commitment to fostering holistic development in individuals of all ages. However, like many organizations, the YMCA is currently facing a critical challenge – a shortage of qualified staff. We want to discuss the importance of hiring staff in child care, the benefits of working for the YMCA, and the profound impact that staff can make on members and the community.

The Importance of Hiring in Child Care 

Child care is more than supervision; it’s an opportunity to instill a love of learning, provide quality care, and shape the future of our community. Without a dedicated and qualified staff, the YMCA cannot adequately serve its members, leaving a void in the community’s access to essential services.

Challenges in Hiring

 As a non-profit organization, the YMCA faces challenges in competing with the compensation offered by for-profit companies that provide similar services. The struggle to attract qualified staff, particularly in child care, poses a significant hurdle to the YMCA’s mission of community empowerment.

Benefits of working for the YMCA

 The YMCA remains an attractive employer for individuals seeking not just a job but a purpose-driven career. Employees at the YMCA become part of a community-focused organization that values personal and professional growth. Free YMCA membership, a flexible work environment, and the chance to contribute meaningfully to community well-being are just a few of the perks that make working for the YMCA a fulfilling experience.

The Impact of Staff on Members and the Community 

Qualified and dedicated staff in child care can have a profound impact on the members they serve and the community at large. While fostering a love of learning in children to promoting health, staff play a pivotal role in shaping positive experiences and building lasting connections within the community.

In the face of hiring challenges, and recognizing the crucial role they play in building a healthier and more connected community, the YMCA calls on passionate individuals to join its childcare team. The rewards of working for the YMCA extend beyond compensation, offering employees a chance to contribute meaningfully to the lives of others while enjoying the benefits of personal and professional growth. As we navigate these challenging times, the YMCA remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering individuals and communities, and it is the dedicated staff who will continue to make a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of those they serve.

10 Benefits of Maintaining a Healthy Weight and How the YMCA can Help

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for both physical and mental well-being. It can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. Here are ten benefits of maintaining a healthy weight, along with ways the YMCA can help you achieve your weight goals.

1. A Healthy Heart

Maintaining a healthy weight can reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. The YMCA offers various cardiovascular exercises such as swimming, cycling, and running to help improve your heart health.

2. Increased Energy Levels

Carrying excess weight can make you feel sluggish and tired. The YMCA provides group fitness classes, such as yoga, HIIT, and dance classes, to help boost your energy levels and improve your mood.

3. Better Sleep

Maintaining a healthy weight can help improve your sleep quality. The YMCA offers various relaxation classes such as meditation and mindfulness to help you sleep better.

4. Reduced Risk of Diabetes

You can reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes when you maintain a healthy weight.  The YMCA offers diabetes prevention programs that teach healthy lifestyle habits to help prevent diabetes.

5. Stronger Bones and Joints

Staying in a healthy weight range can help reduce the risk of joint pain and improve bone density. The YMCA provides strength-training programs that help build muscle and improve bone health.

6. Improved Mental Health

 A healthy weight can also mean a healthy mind. Maintaining a healthy weight can help improve your mental health and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. The YMCA offers various programs such as counseling and support groups to help improve mental health.

7. Increased Self-Esteem

Maintaining a healthy weight can boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. The YMCA offers various programs such as sports leagues and group fitness classes to help build self-confidence.

8. Reduced Risk of Cancer

 According. to the CDC, being overweight or obese can be linked to cancer.  Maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce the risk of certain cancers, such as breast, colon, and prostate cancer. The YMCA offers cancer survivorship programs that provide support and guidance for those who have battled cancer.

9. Improved Immune System

Maintaining a healthy weight can help improve your immune system and reduce the risk of illness. The YMCA provides various programs such as flu shot clinics and health screenings to help boost your immune system.

10. Longer Life Expectancy

With so many reduced risks of illness, you can live a long life! Maintaining a healthy weight can help increase your life expectancy and improve your overall quality of life. The YMCA provides various programs and resources to help you maintain a healthy weight and live a longer, healthier life.

Maintaining a healthy weight is not only beneficial for physical health but also for mental and emotional well-being. The YMCA offers various programs and resources to help individuals achieve and maintain a healthy weight. By taking advantage of these programs, individuals can improve their overall health and quality of life.